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Updated 06/19/2017

   Everything begins somewhere and a Job
   Search is no exception.
   A good solid start is critical to avoid
   mistakes later that can cost you 
   money and potential opportunity.
   There are few shortcuts in this process
   and fewer that will not cause you regret
   later in your job or in your life.  The
   best path is often the longer path.

   This section of tabs is envisioned as being a mostly linear roadmap to help those in
   transition due to any form into a better place for themselves and any dependents.
   There was a time a good worker had one employer for 40 plus years. Today you 
   may have over a dozen different employers through contract and direct hire roles.
   Keep note of these and reason why your employment ended, as some Interviewers
   have never lost their job due to no fault of them own. They need to understand this.

   Change is not often welcomed but saying goodbye to unemployment or
   underemployment is a welcomed transition in nearly any situation. The goal is to
   also provide the tools and path to help keep you ahead of the curve by learning
   new things and adding value to your skills, knowledge and thus to your employer.

   Must one master all the information on this website to become employed?  No.
   This site serves multiple purposes:
      1)  to provide guidance based on experiences of many for a job search
      2)  to provide insight through articles and other material on a given topic or area
      3)  to provide a reason for moving forward from what may be felt as a total failure
   A job loss is the result of various factors which includes missing their forecast for
   business to simply not managing their business. 

  Before you start your journey ... 

   The road can be challenging but keep faith in yourself and your religion to weather
   the dark days that may fall upon you. You will be riding the "rollercoaster" with a
   blindfold: uncertain of what is happening around you, not knowing where or when
   the next twist or turn will come, no visibility into what is happening behind the
   many closed doors. 
Keep your faith in your religion, and in your abilities and skills.
   Most importantly, keep faith in yourself at all times, question but do not doubt.
   Do not share details with your family to add to their and your frustration and fears.
   Keep them informed of opportunities and where you are with your search as it gives
   them too reason to keep hope and support you in this challenging period of time.

   Like a rollercoaster ride, the journey only seems like it lasts forever.

   Beyond "faith" I would suggest the following:

           Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving
           success: "his perseverance with the technique illustrates his single-mindedness"

           synonyms: persistence, tenacity, determination, staying power, indefatigability,
                             dedication, commitment, doggedness, assiduity, tirelessness,
                             stamina, intransigence, obstinacy stick-to-it-iveness, pertinacity

      Semper Fi (Semper Fidelis)
           Latin for Always Faithful. The United States Marines are going to always do
           their duty to their Corps, their Country, and their fellow Marines. Your goal
           is to do for those who depend on you and keep going no matter what is
           before you or what the roadblocks that await you. Be strong. Be a Marine!

  Examining Your Finances 

     A Career Transtion may last a few weeks or many months, potentially over a year.
     Factors are the health of the overall economy, the demand for more workers, the
     skills you have, your proven accomplishments, the demand for your skills.

     Make assessments of your finances and costs to make bold changes
     Questions to honestly answer:
        1.  What is the market for people with your skill sets and experiences?
        2.  Will it be necessary to explore moving or working away from home somewhere?
        3.  How are hour household finances?
        4.  Any medical issues that need to be addressed?
        5.  What assets do you have available if needed from retirement and savings?
        6.  What actions is or is not the US Government taking?
        7.  Are employers moving more jobs outside the US or bringing in more workers
             from outside the US? Or is a reverse flow currently underway?

     Thoughts about Assets including Cash

        1.  If you want to go broke safely, keep money in the bank. Whether interest rates
             are high or low, whether inflation is high or low, you will slowly have reduced
             "buying power" as low interest payments will never offset inflation raising the
             cost of goods and service. It is difficult for some to visualize or understand,
             but it is real and it is a costly mistake.  When it comes to "putting all of your
             eggs in one basket" (your eggs being your money and the basket being where
             you deposit or invest your money). Don't let yourself "go broke" safely.

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