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Office Suite

Updated 08/24/2017


     Having some form of an "Office Suite" on your computer or laptop will be a big help.
    Why?  Simple really:
    1. These packages provide you good tools to handle e-mail. You will be
      sending e-mails out to Recruiters, Generic employer mailboxes, Friends,
      Family, anyone else you can think of to build support for you job search.

      Having the right tools can be a great help.  For example:

      a)  Create e-mail Folders
      Create one folder marked Job Search for your inbound and outbound e-mail.
            Don't fall into the trap of having these separate folders as it takes more time, space
            and can get you all confused. Keep things simple to focus on your job search and not
            the administrative stuff that can consume an insane amount of YOUR time.

      b)  Create a Windows Folder for Your Documents
            Consider creating the following folders as suggested:
             1.  Key Documents
                  This will be your "marketing material" that can get you started and support your
                  job search campaign that will be used repeatedly in your job search.
                  So what do you want to keep here?  Simple!

                      a)  Your Resume
                           If you are looking for different jobs, have one ready to roll for each one.
                           This can save considerable time and effort. You MUST CUSTOMIZE IT for
                           each application so it aligns with their Requirements

                      b)  Brag Sheet
                           Build a one page list of your "Greatest Hits" that separate you apart from
                           your competitors. What have you done that caused people to stare at you
                           trying to figure out how you did what you did so quickly. Anything you do
                           that grabs attention in a positive manner is something you want to keep.

                      c)  Your Detailed Career List
                           You will, at some point, you need to be prepared to have the following
                           for EVERY EMPLOYER you have done work for:
                              1.  Employer Name
                              2.  Possibly Employer's Address, Telephone Number, website, and a
                                   business telephone number.
                              3.  First and last work date including Month, Day and Year
                              4.  Job Title
                              5.  Manager'd name and any contact information (should you need it)
                              6.  Brief description of your responsibilities
                              7.  Notes on what you did well and were noticed
                              8.  Awards and recognition did you receive
                              9.  Any photographs or other evidence of doing a GREAT job
                            10.  Any raises you received and what the percentage increase was
                            11.  Any bonuses or incentive pay, for what, and how much was it
                            12.  Anything you did that left people in "shock and awe" ... it was so awesome!
                            13.  Make certain people you like at work are in your LinkedIn connections
                           This services to key areas:
                              a)  It documents what you will need for nearly any job application
                              b)  It helps you update your Resume with known facts versus best guesses
                              c)  You're saving the evidence know versus wondering what happened to it
                              d)  You are able to respond quickly versus a panic reaction later
                              e)  It helps YOU to sell YOUR ABILITIES to EMPLOYERS with GREATER IMPACT