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Updated 08/24/2017
   Paperwork: learn to tolerate it.

    Learn to master it before it becomes your Master.
    Your State Unemployment Insurance Office will want lots of paper.
    They will want reports filed every week.
    You need to track what you do each week for them AND for you.
    You need to track activities, names, outcomes, etc.

   If you use Microsoft Office, you have a potential advantage in this game ....
  1. Have a professional e-mail address
    You need to project a professional image and no one will e-mail anything to
    "BigHotSassyMomma@yo-emails.net"  Get that going ASAP and use it on all
    of your Resumes, e-mails, letters, Business Cards, etc.

  2. You want all those people to remember as Job Search isn't a one time thing.

    You will need or want to retain information during you job search. These can help you save time and
     reduce times you scramble to find something but don't remember where it went to. Keeping everyting
     in the right place is very important as well as slowing down to get focused and ready to roll.

     ST of TN - WORK SEARCH LOG.xlsx
           This template will allow you to track you job activities for reporting to the State. They are also
           good to see if you have not followed up with a company or person within a reasonable period
           of time. As noted, this is an EXCEL Spreadsheet which includes formatted fields to make your
           entry easier plus it will fit horizontally across most of the usable space should you print it.
           Other tools such as OpenOffice from OpenOffice.org can handle most of the features within
           Microsoft's EXCEL but OpenOffice.org is a free product.