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Time Required

Updated 08/26/2017

    Rome was not
     built in a day.
     The Romans wanted it done faster
      but realized planning and quality
     were paramount for the outcome.
      Treat your job search the same.

    Scared That Your Job Search Might Take Too Long?  |  LinkedIn, Phil Rosenberg                   08/24/2017
    Are you scared that your job search might take too long? That you might burn through
    too much of your savings? That your career will be on hold?
    If you're not confident that you'll find your next job fast enough, then you've got to
    approach your job search differently.
    Most of the standard career resources (Outplacement, most career coaches/authors,
    Gov't/community/church/alumni groups) provide average job search advice that takes
    way too long.
    Don't be scared ... learn how to approach your job search differently and find a great
    job fast.