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000 S.A.R.A.

Updated 06/27/2017

  Shock Anger Resentment Acceptance
    If you are married, inform your spouse you and Sara will be around for some time.
    While knowing that you are not looking at leaving your spouse is comforting, the
    question about who this "Sara" person is and why she is going to quickly surface.
    Whatever was going on in your relationship, this is the time to pull together.

    Help them understand the meaning of SARA and how this is a normal part of the
    healing process you MUST get through before you can actively look for your next
    job. Attempt to short-cut these four phases often result in failure and setback.

       Do yourself, friends and family and those around you a big favor ...
       complete the process and DO NOT try to shortcut the process.

    These are the four emotional phases everyone goes through in Career Transition.

    Shock          - I can't believe this is happening to me. It does not make any sense.
                          It is not fair. Others were of less value, why are they still there?
                          Someone was out to get me. Why did I deserve to be thrown out?

                          These are all common questions and the simple explanation is many
                          companies are simply trying to achieve a reduction in costs and you
                          became part of that reduction. Some really dumb factors come into
                          play and sometimes it is just to reduce a cost for one city or state down
                          to the target level and you were a good quick solution to their pain.
                          Would you like being the last candidate with one more person to cut?

    Anger          - Of course you're angry ... that's a normal emotion. Avoid from going
                          out and showing your anger as this suggests you are now "Damaged
                          Goods" and unfit for hire anywhere ... the loose canon on a mission.
                          Work through the additional phases BEFORE you talk to anyone about
                          future employment unless they know you personally and very well.

    Resentment - Resentment is a normal reaction to your loss. But think about those
                          who are there, on the payroll, and now are doing the same amount of
                          work with fewer people and greater pressure. Sometimes being released
                          is the better of the places to be as you have the time to think, plan
                          and decide your future and what you want it to be. It is not an easy
                          thing for many, but doors of opportunity may be waiting for you
                          that were closed or non-existent to you before.

    Acceptance  - The emotional issues are now behind you. This is a good time to test
                          your emotions by talking to close friends who know of your situation.
                          Have them listen for negative emotions or negative statements about
                          your last job. If these enter into the conversation you should NOT talk
                          to people about finding your next job until those emotions are gone.
                          Those emotions will make you appear to be "damaged goods" or a
                          person who is naturally bitter and hostile and would not be a good fit
                          for any position.

                          It is not possible to say WHEN OR HOW you and SARA finally separate.
                          Optimistically, it may be 2-3 weeks. The long side should not go much
                          beyond 8 weeks. If you are still dealing with SARA, The CT Groups
                          has some resources for our members that may be able to help on a
                          private and confidential basis.

    With your exit from SARA, you can now begin to make decisions and think about:
       1.  what you want to be going forward,
       2.  where you would LIKE to work,
       3.  do you want to consider moving to a new area, city or state?

       You may have a good opportunity to rethink many factors to improve your
       opportunities and those for your family for the near and long-term.

    For more information on SARA, please visit the link below from Zenger|Folakman
    SARA: Our emotional response to bad news

     Published in the link above we learn, from their writing, that...

         So, what can we learn from SARA and how the two genders work through
         these phases differently?

         1.  Recognize that SARA is a natural and normal “map” of the territory,
              which explains how humans react to new events or disconfirming

         2.  Acknowledge that men and women react differently to situations;
              neither reaction is better than the other, but the two genders do
              tend to deal differently with situations.

         3.  Men will treat new information as problems to be solved; if they
              can’t be solved, they will “let it go” more quickly.

         4.  Women tend to stay longer in a rumination phase, recycling through
              what could have happened and what actions were taken.

         5.  Both approaches add value. In some situations, women can learn
              from men to more quickly accept the situation and just “let it go”
              if it cannot be solved. When women tell their stories of what
              happened, men can acknowledge that this is the way that women
              process to make sense of their situations.

         6.  Women seek to understand, while men tend to value action.
              Having a balanced and supportive team is essential.