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Updated 00/00/2017

    Do you have access to a computer, anywhere?
    Is it connected to the Internet?
    Are you willing to overstate opportunities and
    under provide?

    You too can be an Internet Scam Artist in a
    rapidly growing market with victims everywhere!

    The sad truth is the above is not far from reality. Law enforcement is challenged to track down those
    who seek to defraud or deceive people into transactions only to find there was no opportunity for them.

    The problem is the "Bad Guys" are in different countries, sometimes (per press reports) enjoying the
    protection of local law enforcement officials in return for certain financial exchanges. One US network
    visited a city mostly of people making their living via the Internet defrauding people. Not a used car
    in the entire city.

In the immortal words of Sgt. Phil Freemason Esterhaus, "Be careful out there!"
        Sgt. Phil Esterhaus conducting morning Role Calls and providing updates to the officers prior to
          starting their shifts in the highly awarded "
Hill Street Blues" TV series. Good words to remember.

  HYPERLINKS ARE CLUES ... just don't make them "landmines" waiting for you
    A hyperlink is a program "roadmap" that a programmer or developer can insert into a webpage to
    facilitate your moving around the webpage or to other locations of interest.  It is possible that a
    of the links could be the same as a convenience to the viewer.

    One of the more dangerous scams via e-mail is the offer you receive without any solicitation fro you.
    It may come from any company representing any number of services or products that you may have

    Position your mouse over any of the links in the e-mail, overall pictures or other images and over
    different areas of text.
    First word of caution: you can move the mouse over anything without risk UNLESS YOU ACCIDENTLY
If you do that you activate the hyperlink the mouse is
    above which, if you are unfortunate, may cause you great heartache and money to fix things.

        1.  Text should not have a hidden hyperlink.  If you find some, consider this e-mail hostile.
        2.  Pictures can but normally do not include hyperlinks.  Be careful of these.
        3.  The Unsubscribe link MUST be different from all the other links as it serves only one purpose.
             If it is the same as the others ... DELETE THIS E-MAIL.