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Trojan e-Mails

Updated 07/15/2017

  Visiting an unknown or untrustworthy
  websites is not a comforting visit if you
  think about what can happen to you.
  Start thinking about your e-mails too!
  Below are example of e-mails to avoid 

  It is possible, and has been seen, where legitimate websites have been hacked and part of the legitimate
  website is then used for malicious or criminal purposes. This is not an indication the registered owners
  of the website have gone "bad"
, but of their IT and Network Security Team not covering all the bases.

  REMEMBER: Just because you DO NOT SEE A LINK does not mean one has not been embedded into the
                    text, pictures, a signature, anything can contain a link today. Use the "hover" approach with
                    your mouse (moving the mouse above something on the screen and see if a small rectangle
                    is displayed with information in the rectangle. If you see this, there is a link hidden in there!)

  Subject                                                                                     Website domain                     Date seen     

 Your Money   [Shows Western Union Reward]                                                                          07/05/2017     e-mail address: <officedepartment26@gmail.com>

   e-mail address: <chambas_inb.md@yahoo.com>                                                                 07/08/2017

 <lastname>, Take this test to see how much you may receive   haglogyre.org.uk                   07/14/2017
    : Website appears to be under control of bad guys

 Government Gives Homeowners Who Owe Less than $300-62  haglogyre.org.uk                    07/14/2017
    : Website appears to be under control of bad guys

 Get ADT monitoring now for FREE on equipment                      transpraphic.co.uk                  07/14/2017

 <lastname>, Cannabis Extract now Legal to Buy and Ship        transpraphic.co.uk                  07/14/2017

 <lastname>, Click to find how much you can save                   transparphic.co.uk                  07/14/2017
     : "The Easy Loan Site"

 *Break.the.sex.rules!                                                                 careerdevelop.net                   07/15/2017
    : All the links are the same ... tipoff to phishing

 Check Your Credit Score Today!                                                ow.ly                                       07/15/2017
    : Generic website name - beware of Bad Guys here

 <lastname>..**Term Life - $500k in coverage, No Waiting       srus.pictureandstory.net         07/15/2017
    : 4 copies of the same e-mail, one after another - phishing

 !WARNING!!NEVER.drink.bottled.water!                                     srus.pictureandstory.net          07/15/2017
    : All the links are the same ... tipoff to an attack.

 ""How.To.Get.So.HARD,Your.Wife.Starts.To.LIMP!!                     srus.pictureandstory.net         07/15/2017
    : Just what the message included and few laws to stop it

 <lastname>..FHA rates expected to rise, lock in today.            pictureandstory.net                 07/15/2017

 **Does.your.military.service.qualify.you.for.special...                proudmoment.net                  07/16/2017
   : All the links are the same ... surprised?

 <lastname>..""Get.Your.Free.Auto.Repair.Protection.Quote"     srus.pictureandstory.net         07/16/2017
   : All the links are the same ... tipoff to an attack.
  <Lasename> Ranked by Experts. Reviewed by YOU                 transparphic.co.uk                  07/17/2017