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Unwanted Calls

   Pick a phone: Land line, mobile, cell, satellite  ... I think
   they even have the kid's "Dixie Cup" phone numbers.
   It has gone totally out of control and laws won't help us.  

   This is an attempt to curtain these unwanted "pests" who
   apparently, have no respect for us and no fear from the
   laws that are not protecting us.
   This will be a list of phone numbers we should block.

   Here are phone numbers used by "Robo Callers" that you may want to BLOCK.
   If we work together, perhaps we can block all unused phone numbers in the United States.
   Have some to contribute? e-mail us the number and information you have on them and we'll add 'em!

   254 233-9688      Our friend from Credit Repair where there is not problem but they're bugging
                                us ... they certainly seem to operate with immunity from the FCC and FTC.

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