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Phone Trace

    If you are receiving unwanted, threatening, repeat calls, or calls of a criminal nature, you may
    call your telephone service provider and request a trace be implemented on your phone line.

    This optional service can generally be setup within 30 minutes and will be billed to your telephone
    account for around $7.00 per month, pro-rated. When you receive a call you want to report, hang
    up the telephone and press *7 to initiate the trace which takes a few seconds to complete. There is
    a time limit in how long you can delay initiating the trace otherwise the information is lost. The
    trace may be continued for an indefinite period of time at the $7.00 (or current rate) per month.

    You MUST log the call for law enforcement. This log should contain the following information:
       -  Date and Time of the Call
       -  The nature of the call as best as you can classify it
       -  The phone number that was called
       -  Any notes about the caller, organization, threats, no response from the caller, language, etc.

    You can then present this information to your local Police or Sheriff's Department for their action.
    They will review your information and determine if there is a possible item appropriate to request
    a Court Order to your Telephone Company to provide your law enforcement agency information on
    the call. You will not be provided any meaningful information as the callers are protected by Law.

    There are some gaps in the law. A repeat caller can argue their outbound automated dialer must
    have "broken" and repeatedly called your number on different days, times of days, sometimes back-
    to-back and others just once. While this is not a strong argument, law enforcement accepts as a
    reason not to move forward with action.

    If a caller takes control of your telephone line, and your efforts to hang-up and place a call are
    inhibited since they still have an "active" call to your phone number, this is also not regarded by law
    enforcement as an issue. You simply wait until the unknown caller eventually "drops" your connection.

    For Law Enforcement to provide information from the Court Ordered information, they require the
    approval of the Court to make that information available to you. Courts are now known to grant
    such permission. There is also no assurance these calls will not return in the future.  There is nothing
    in the law that distinguishes between intrastate, interstate or international calls.

    Apparently existing law protects political callers whether with an automated or human caller from
    any action by the Court. It was unclear if there were exclusions for certain times of the day or days
    of the week.

    The information above is based on information obtained in the State of Tennessee. Other states may
    be stronger on Consumer Protection Laws or provide greater rights to the Complainant.

    Meanwhile the lady from Cardholder Services is still making calls along with others and have no fear
    or care about the Federal or State Do Not Call lists. They acknowledge violating the law, they just do
    not have to care about it.