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006 Public Data Sites

Updated 08/07/2017

    You know these sites?  For only $39.95 you can get information on who your
   daughter is dating without anyone knowing.  Buy now, buy on-line, no delays.

   For only $69.99 you can have annual membership into historical data of all people
   who have ever lived available on-line now.

   Sometimes the data quality is simply wrong ... but it is "Public Data" but from where?

   PROBLEM #1:
   Compare their marketing statements versus their Disclaimers. You may be amazed
   that the information is provided for a fee is it providing value based on their
   Disclaimers?  Has the Disclaimer removed any or all of your needed value?

   PROBLEM #2:
   There was a time in late 2016 and early 2017 you could do a Google, Bing or other
   search on a name and find some websites responding automatically provide their age.
   No one had an exposure risk in using a browser because they never accessed those
   sites ... the Browser took them there (perhaps the new version of "My dog ate my
   homework ... I'm not responsible").

   PROBLEM #3:
   Official Government Data is always correct ... right?  Government Data is not a "Gold
   Standard" for data as 
"Official Government Records" contain inaccurate information.
   Clerks fail to complete forms, mistype information, or "fabricate" facts when the real
   information was found, remembered or other reasons. This is the likely cause for data
   showing a legal residence of a city when they never had a residence in that city.

   There are cases where people with unique names are reported to have been legal
   residents of states where they had never traveled to.

   PROBLEM #4:
   Law Enforcement records and Voter Registration Records have had challenges for
   decades as some who are arrested only provide an "Alias" during booking.  Upon
   release, they can register under their actual name with nothing that ties their Alias
   with the Felony Charges preventing the Voter Registration from catching the issue.
   Government fears a legal challenge due to the inability to clearly prove their case and
   the risk of expensive settlements.

   PROBLEM #5:
   You do not have to be Doctor Frankenstein to create a person ... just create on on-line
   or on a formal document... there is no apparent law against it.
 Two "fictional" people
   reside at my residence. One was from a repeated error by a financial institution that
   apparently made it into the public arena and became a "real person" by virtue of a
   name on an unsigned legal document and no checking if the person really existed.
   Papers with the incorrect name were never signed, the name just became public.
   Another was from a gap created to increase profits by an organization that receives
   potentially thousands of personal information on people daily. Someone apparently 
   sold the information and created a person in the process from "fictional" data.

   PROBLEM #6:
   By law in the United States, and one presumes other countries, there is a legal limit of
   ONE for each Birth Certificate and ONE for each Death Certificate.
 We one of each.
   Yet a major website operator offering genealogical data apparently has a different view
   of this or they are not "big" into validity checking data. One person is reported by this
   operator as having 4 Death Certificates and 8 Birth Certificates and you can view them
   by making a payment for access.  Are they they same document, are they different
   people, does this explain multiple personalities?  Whatever the reasons are, it has yet
   to be corrected over multiple years. 


   Push back!
  • Visit each "Public Information" website for their contact method for data removal.
    There is no "one stop" remove me from all such sites yet a number of these "businesses" use data from another. But it is an effective means to slow down the removal of information.

  • Submit to the website, using their process, the request for your removal. This may
    take only a few minutes or require detailed information you must provide them.

  • Their actual removal processing time can take as little as a few hours to weeks.

  • There is no assurance your request will be fully honored. This is due to records that are "tied" to your record through various relationships such as marriage, children, etc.

    Access a family member and see if your information is presented. See if using your displayed name you can now access the information you wanted removed. In a
    number of cases, your information WILL BE DISPLAYED despite the request to remove.

  • Some times they will decline that request as it is now removing other people due to the way their database has been designed. Consider having these people make requests for removal as well.

  • Once you can no longer find your information, conduct searches using family members. You may find their information has errors, including recent inaccurate data and as having residence in states never lived in or slept in.  Some names may have misspelled variations or have the order of the First, Middle and Last names incorrect.

  • The removal can be done successfully with some work, effort and time. The unfortunate news is no one will guarantee your information will not be reentered later.

  • Keep records of your communications including call date/time, who you talked to, what you sought and what they told you.  Retain all e-mails sent and received.

  • Eventually this will come to a completion but it is heavily dependent upon the actions of the website operators and how they structured their data.

    Yes Virginia, we need regulation with strong enforcement, stiff civil and criminal
    penalties and mandates removal request be sent to all sites using their data. 

    But still, periodically, search for yourself and see if something reappeared.