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Updated 08/12/2017

   There are many ways to achieve your
   version of success but they generally
   involve the shown image. It can be
   a sequence of steps but often is a set
   of steps potentially repeated to reach
   the needed objective of each for the
   end objective simply called SUCCESS.
   Understanding SUCCESS is necessary.

    My Top 10 Success Hacks  |  ScienceOfPeople.com, Vanessa Van Edwards                                                       03/01/2016
    Hackers think differently.
They find shortcuts, build accelerators and concoct workarounds to get what they need
    done faster. 
These are called Smartcuts.
Smartcut: n The optimal and fastest route to achieving a goal; an accelerated way to success.

    I have never liked traditional ways of doing things. I enjoy shirking the system and I LOVE
    shortcuts. As a behavior hacker I am constantly searching for accelerated methods of
    learning, performing and achieving. Now I want to teach you.

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