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019 Medical Info

Updated 08/12/2017

  This page is NOT A SUBSTITUTE to solve or mitigate any condition
  that COULD or MIGHT be life threatening.

  This page is INFORMATION provided by public sources that may
  be a viable option for non-emergency or non-critical medical matters.

  Sore Throat - 10 Ways to Treat  |  GoodRx.comDr. Sharon Orrange                                                           08/06/2017
  Most sore throats in adults are caused by a viral illness and will resolve on their own without
  antibiotics. Signs your sore throat is likely a viral pharyngitis (sore throat) are cough, stuffy or
  runny nose, and diarrhea. This means many of you will be managing your throat pain at home
  —so what should you take for pain relief? 
Here are 10 things to know: