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Updated 06/12/2017

  Depression can be triggered
  by many events that happen
  in our lives.

  The secret is knowing there
  is help available potentially
  at no cost and no exposure
  to help you return to better
  for you and those around
  you that care about you.

     The Best Way to Help Loved Ones Struggling With Depression
         |  Popsugar.com, Nicole Yi                                                                                                                                                   07/11/2017
     Depression can be relentless when it wants to defeat a person, which doesn't make
     helping a struggling loved one very simple. The fear of burdening others can cause
     someone to isolate themselves and in turn, those who care have to be extracautious
     to prevent him or her from retreating any further. To find out the best way to aid
     friends and family with depression, we spoke with Dr. Alison Darcy, a Stanford clinical
     psychologist and CEO of therapy startup Woebot.