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Revised 04/25/2017

  1. the action of leading a group of people or an organization.
    "different styles of leadership"
    synonyms:guidancedirectioncontrolmanagement, superintendence, supervision
    "firm leadership"

           What Is YOUR Leadership Style -- Free Quiz!   |   RandomActsOfLeadership.com
           At time, everyone is put into a leadership role by design, default or necessity.  The CT
           Groups encourages members to take advantage of this free quiz to determine their
           leadership style if for no other reason than knowing something new about yourself.

           Click Here to take the quiz and discover your leadership strengths as a
           Connector, Orchestrator, Trailblazer, Strategist, or Team Champion.
           While the quiz generates one result instantly, you may fall into more than one category,
           so make sure you download the 5 Leadership Styles report at the end, too.  And your
          results remain between you and your computer and it ain't talkin'!
           3 Lessons Every Business Can Learn From Chick-fil-A  |  Inc., John Eades
I have always been enamored with companies that blatantly outperform the competition.
           I marvel in everything from their CEO's decision-making, habits of their leadership team,
           marketing, strategy, all the way down to their execution. What's even more fascinating is
           for companies to separate themselves in industries that have an equal playing field like
           food and beverage.

           9 Ways a Leader Can Earn Trust  |  Random Acts of Leadership, Susan Mazza                                                          04/19/2017
                The conditions for trusting someone are very personal. In fact, despite how logical your
           assessments regarding trustworthiness may seem to you, it’s important to remember that
           not everyone takes the same approach. Some of us grant trust and take it away when
           someone does not live up to our standards or expectations. Others believe trust must be
           earned. Many of us fall somewhere in between.

10 Top Qualities That Make A Great Leader  |  Forbes, Tanya Pryve                                                                    10/19/2012
Having a great idea, and assembling a team to bring that concept to life is the first step in
creating a successful business venture.

10 Reasons Good Managers Are Hard To Find  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                  02/26/2017
Here are 10 reasons poor managers outnumber good managers almost everywhere.

22 Qualities That Make a Great Leader  |  Entrepreneur Magazine                                                                           04/00/2016
The following Qualities are outlined in the article:
   1) Focus             2) Confidence        3) Transparency
   4) Integrity         5) Inspiration       6) Passion
   7) Innovation        8) Patience          
9) Stocism
  10) Wonkiness        11) Authenticity     12) Open-mindedness
  13) Decisiveness     14) Personableness   15) Empowerment
  16) Positivity       
17) Generosity       18) Persistence
  19) Insightfulness   20) Communication    
21) Accountability
                       22) Restlessness

33 Ways to Define Leadership  |  Business News Daily, Brittney Helmrich                                                                          04/05/2016
Business owners and experts weigh in on what leadership is and what makes a good leader.

A former FBI agent shares 10 tough skills you need to be a strong leader
                                                           |  Business Insider, LaRay Quy, SmartBrief                                                            03/17/2017
To survive growing up on a remote cattle ranch in the middle of Wyoming, I
needed to be scrappy, gritty, and tenacious. If I wasn't keeping an eye out for
rattle snakes, I was avoiding horned bulls from charging my horse as I tried to
cut them from a herd of cows. 
I learned many important life lessons on that
ranch, not the least is that it takes hard work, sweat, and mental toughness to
get to the top and stay there.

Do you Lead or Follow?  |  Linkedin, Dr. Travis Bradberry                                                                                                      03/15/2017
Leadership is the art of persuasion—the act of motivating people to do more than
they ever thought possible in pursuit of a greater good.  It has nothing to do with
your title. 
It has nothing to do with authority or seniority. You’re not a leader just
because you have people reporting to you. And you don’t suddenly become a
leader once you reach a certain pay grade. 
A true leader influences others to be
their best. Leadership is about social influence, not positional power.

Every Manager Can Become a Better Leader by Asking this One Question
|  Forbes.com,  
Jeff Kauflin                                                                   04/21/2017
Managing is much harder than most people think. First-time managers often find
themselves surprised by the difficulty of their new job, and veteran managers are
always looking for ways to make their teams more productive. A new report by HR
software company HighGround reveals an improvement opportunity that most
leaders miss: they should ask their employees, how can I be a better a manager?

How to Encourage Employees to Assume Best Intent  |  Inc., Tanya Hall
Every leader will need to play the role of mediator at times. Employees will inevitably experience
some conflict, which you'll be called upon to sort through. While there are best practices for
dealing with conflict that has already erupted, there are also methods for heading off conflict
altogether that you can implement with your team.

How to Influence Without Authority  |  Seapoint Center, Jesse Lynn Stoner                                                         05/07/2012
Leading without relying on authority is a higher evolutionary skill. It supports
developing adult relationships based on mutual objectives and creates work
environments grounded in respect for human dignity.

Leadership  |  Psychology Today                                                                       
Peter Drucker famously stated that when "management is doing things right,
leadership is doing the right things." Great leaders possess dazzling social intelligence,
a zest for change, and above all, a vision that allows them to set their sights on the
things that truly merit attention. Not a bad skill set for the rest of us, either.

The Qualities of Leaders  |  Mark van Vugt, Ph. D.                     
Can This Man Save American Business?  |  Dorian Rolston   
What Separates Great Leaders from Good Leaders  |  Eric Haseltine Ph.D.

How To Be a Leader  |  Alex Lickerman M.D.
Are Women Better Managers Than Men?  |  Victor Lipman  
How to Spot a Bad Liar  |  Ronald E Riggio Ph.D
5 Steps to Great Leadership  |  
Ronald E Riggio Ph.D

Leadership Lessons from the Great Communicator  |  Linkedin, Travis Keenum                  04/05/2017
You probably know Ronald Reagan was considered the “Great Communicator.”
His effectiveness as a communicator was often credited to his career in radio,
television, and movies. His detractors often said of his oratory skills, “He’s just
up there acting.” But to me, Reagan’s effectiveness as a speaker went beyond
his smooth voice and polished delivery. Reagan, through the use of stories and
illustrations, could educate his audience and move them to take action.

Leading by Your Own Example   |   Forbes, John Hall                                                                                                 03/05/2017
Leadership is tricky. It’s more than the title you hold within your company or how
many people you manage, but how far does its definition reach? What is leadership?
What makes a leader, and how do you improve your own ability to lead?

The Most Powerful Leadership Tool You Have: Your Own Example  |  Forbes, John Hall            03/05/2017
Leadership is tricky. It’s more than the title you hold within your company or how
many people you manage, but how far does its definition reach? What is leadership?
What makes a leader, and how do you improve your own ability to lead?

Six Great Ways To Kill Morale  |  Linkedin, Dr Travis Bradberry                                                                                          03/16/2016
What makes you happy at work? Maybe you have a great boss who gives you the freedom to
be creative, rewards you for going the extra mile, and helps you to reach your career goals.

TED Videos on Leadership  |  TED Videos and potentially other media
What makes a great leader? These TED Talks -- from soldiers and psychologists, athletes and       Various Dates
entrepreneurs -- share hard-won wisdom on leadership.