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Become a Leader

    5 Habits That Change Managers Into Great Leaders  |  Inc., John Eads
    The debate about the difference between a manager and leader has been settled. Without
    question there is a difference, in both definition and behavior.
    Just to ensure we are on the same page, here are my favorite definitions of both in action form:
         Management:  The manipulation of others for your own success
         Leadership:     Serving and empowering the lives that have been entrusted to you

    Unless you grew up in a place of worship or had really strong figures in your life that taught
    you about serving and empowering, you most likely default to management. Why? Because it's
    what's taught in high school, college and organizational leadership development programs. In
    many ways, our environment is teaching us to be managers not leaders, but unfortunately that's
    not an excuse. Here are five habits that can help change managers into leaders.