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Updated 08/26/2017

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    5 Tips on the gift of empathy
    in the workplace that true leaders practice  |  LinkedIn, Luis Moreno                                            09/02/2016
     Empathy in the workplace is not only an important element of emotional intelligence,
     but also a skill that needs to be developed and practiced to enhance personal and
     professional leadership.

    You may be familiar with one definition of empathy as “feeling someone else’s pain”.
    It is the idea that if someone is suffering, you are able to feel that person’s pain vicariously.

    Empathy is also the ability to understand and share another person’s experiences,
    emotions and feelings, and not limited to sadness, pain or suffering. It is any and all
    feelings, even positive ones — to feel — in union with another person, regardless of
    whether they reflect your own situation or similar ones.

    Good Leaders Will Frustrate You by Ron Edmondson  |  LinkedIn, Jose Valentin                            08/18/2017
    A friend once said: “Your best leaders will always frustrate you.” He was talking about
    leadership and vision and delegation. I’ve been thinking about those words ever since
    he said them—about how I respond to leadership and about how I lead and influence

    It has taught me some important lessons ...