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Habits & Traits

Updated 08/05/2017


    5 Characteristics of Exceptional Leaders  |  Inc., Drew Greenblatt
    What are exceptional leadership qualities?
Superb advice from Dr. William Bellet from the Southeastern Family Business Institute
    helped me be a better leader. His concepts detail the remarkable attributes that will
    separate you from the pack resulting in hyper-fast revenue growth and developing
    your leadership talents so you have an effective, engaged team. Don't let your
    competitors see this list.

    7 Traits of Exceptional Leaders  |  Entrepreneur, Safiyah Satterwhite                                                         08/25/2015
    Launching and leading a successful small business requires much more than a great
    idea. Effective and highly successful businesses have highly effective and successful
    leaders at the helm. And, let’s face it, not every entrepreneur is a natural leaders.
    The good news is that just like any other entrepreneurial skill, leadership must be
    cultivated and trained for. Those who train, lead better, live better and experience
    greater returns in their business.
    What areas do you need to focus on to become an effective entrepreneur? 

    12 Essential Habits of Exceptional Leaders  |  Forbes/Leadership. Dr. Travis Bradberry                  03/19/2015     One of the most popular Dilbert comic strips in the cartoon’s history begins with 
    Dilbert’s boss relaying senior leadership’s explanation for the company’s low profits.
    In response to his boss, Dilbert asks incredulously, “So they’re saying that profits went
    up because of great leadership and down because of a weak economy?” To which Dilbert’s
    boss replies, “These meetings will go faster if you stop putting things in context.”