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Inspiring Leaders

Updated 05/17/2017

   Understanding the great
   joy a leader experiences as
   one of their team learns
   the power and incredible
   joy possible in helping
   others become larger than
   themselves and achieve
   levels they never thought
   were possible.

   A rewarding experience
   for manager & employee.

   5 Surefire Ways To Inspire Others  |  Women@Forbes, Kathy Caprino                                                     12/16/2016 
     This time of year, many of us are reflecting on the past 12 months, thinking about what
    we’ve done well and what we’d like to learn from, as well as where we’d like next year to take us.

    7 Things Great Leaders Always Do  |  Inc, Bill Murphy, Jr 
    When news broke last night that Sen. John McCain, Republican of Arizona, has been diagnosed
    with an aggressive form of brain cancer, an incredible bipartisan wave of support broke across
    the internet.
    Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, and whether you agree with McCain on policy
    issues or not, he's a role model and a public servant who has served his country for more
    than 60 years--as a Navy officer, a prisoner of war, and a United States senator and presidential
    McCain is also a true leader. Stepping through his personal history, it's easy to find example
    after example of the kinds of things that great leaders learn to do--and that they teach others
    to do, as well. Here are seven of the most striking examples.

    38 of the Most Inspirational Leadership Quotes...Ever  |  LinkedIn, Dr. Travis Bradberry     03/18/2015
No one can deny the power of a good quote. They motivate and inspire us to be our best.
    Here are 38 of my absolute favorites: