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Leadership Mistakes

Updated 05/09/2017

   For some it is a reluctance, if not refusal, to admit
   to making mistakes.  For others, their mistakes
   are glaring. obvious and in your face every day.

     7 Leadership Mistakes That Make Everyone Miserable  |  Linkedin, Dr. Travis Bradberry      05/08/2017
    From Enron to Volkswagen, we’ve watched in horror as leaders who lack integrity have
    destroyed businesses time and again. But the real tragedy happens when regular leaders,
    who are otherwise great, sabotage themselves, day after day, with mistakes that they can’t
    see but are obvious to everyone else.

    Management vs. Leadership...Are they mutually exclusive?
        |  LinkedIn, Kirk A. Johnson, COO, Allen Training Centers                                                                                                      07/20/2016 
    What is the distinguishing characteristic between management and
    leadership?  Are they mutually exclusive from each other?  The
    distinction between management and leadership has often been
    based on viewing management as “doing things right” whereas
    leadership is seen as “doing the right things”. Management is often
    described as a mechanical and administrative activity, whereas
    leadership is viewed as involving change and developing more
    effective organizations.  Managers are often viewed as applicants of
    rational problem solving, sometimes referred to as “organizational
    engineers” who use objective technical criteria to achieve well-known
    goals.  Leadership however, is viewed as the process of creating a
    social organism or “living enterprise” that is active, capable of
    changing, and responsive to the environment.