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Leadership Skills

Updated 05/17/2017

    Have the days of the big bad
    mean Boss hanging over worker's
    shoulders finally passed us by?

    Bad managers will be around for
    many years but the concept for a
    Leader and Leadership has grown
    and hopefully will allow those who
    came from the "bad school" of
    management can retire.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (Click to enlarge image)

    3 Core Leadership Tasks to Master  |  Korn Ferry Institute. Daniel Goleman                                        03/15/2017   
     Leaders face similar basic responsibilities, whether they are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies
     or managers of small production teams. To lead a group of any size effectively, you must
     manage meaning, set the emotional tone, and put people in the right emotional range for
     their best performance. One key phrase to keep in mind when engaged in these tasks is
     "resonant leadership."
     How emotionally self-aware am I?

    4 Leadership Skills for Crisis Management  |  Korn Ferry Institute, Daniel Goleman                      03/01/2017       Do these situations sound familiar?  If so read the article!
     ● Confused phone calls start coming into the office. The printed announcement of the
         grand opening of the company's new branch, mailed to current and potential customers,
         has omitted the branch's location. Trina, the communications director, feels pressure to
         act fast.
     ● Everyone looks at the head sales analyst, Jack, in panic. The deadline for the annual
         report is tomorrow – and a network failure has incapacitated every computer in the office.
         The IT techs haven’t been able to identify the problem let alone fix it.
     ● Two construction workers knock down a wall during a company’s office renovation and
         inform Harriet, the company’s operations manager, what they discover. "We're pretty sure
         it's asbestos," they explain. "Your employees could get sick very fast."

      6 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn Over Lunch  |  LinkedIn, Patrick Leddin, Ph.D.                05/20/2017
     Might I suggest you take a lunch away from the office this week. Put away the cell phone
     and any other distractions and just spend some time observing.
     Why? [Article is interesting but not a high-value Leadership Lesson but still worth a read.]
     Well, you never know what leadership lessons you can learn from a change of venue. One
     afternoon, I stepped away from the office and walked to a local park. People were flocking
     to a few food trucks parked on the street adjacent to the public area. As I watched the
     crowd, I made 6 leadership observations.

     7 Of The Top Leadership Skills For 2020  |  Forbes, Maureen Metcalf                                              03/30/2017
Technology, innovation, and geopolitical change are accelerating the need for U.S.
     companies to get (or stay) ahead of the competition. But for companies to fully evolve,
     attract the best people, and produce the best products and services, their leaders must
     evolve too. Leaders who don’t keep up will slowly be overtaken by those who continue to
     keep up with the changing tides.
     Take technology, for example, and the evolution of flip phones to smartphones. While
     this evolution has been widely noticeable, many leaders don’t think of themselves as the
     “flip phones” of leadership.

     7 Signs of Exceptional Leadership  |  Inc., Marcel Schwantes 
If you're new to the employee engagement conversation, I'll cut to the chase and break
     it to you like this: Since 2000, Gallup research has shown that roughly 70 percent of the
     U.S. work force is "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" at work.
     If your company is part of this dismal predicament and your strategy is to implement
     material perks like climbing walls, free food, and
bring-your-pet-to-work policies,
     stop right there.

     7 Signs You Have an Outstanding Leader  |  LinkedIn,  John Eades                                                 06/06/2017
     After surveying thousands of organizational leaders, interviewing hundreds of leaders on
     the "Follow My Lead" Podcast and being a true student of leadership for many years, it's
     beyond evident to me there is an upper echelon of leaders. So much so, it forced us to
     come up with a name where these leaders stay called the 'Welding zone.' It's also clear
     they hone their leadership craft by relentlessly pursuing the development of their skills
     everyday because they know: 
Leadership is a journey, not a destination

     10 Leadership Lessons I Learned Living on a Nuclear Submarine
        |  Linkedin, Jon Rennie                                                                                                                                                          05/05/2017
     My first job out of college was my dream job. I served as a Naval Officer on a nuclear
     submarine, the
USS Tennessee. In five years, I earned my “dolphins” (qualified submarine
     officer) and was certified as a naval nuclear engineer. I made seven deployments and
     spent around 540 days underwater. Yes, that’s a year and a half under the ocean.

     10 Signs You Have An Exceptional Leader  |  Inc.,  John Eades                                                      05/17/2017
After surveying thousands of organizational leaders, interviewing those that stand out
     on the "Follow My Lead" Podcast and being a true student of leadership for many years,
     it's evident great leaders are hard to come by. It's also clear they hone their leadership
     craft by relentlessly pursuing the development of their skills everyday because they know:
     Leadership is a journey, not a destination.

     A Lesson in Leadership: Control Your Emotions & Be Positive
                                                                                                 |  LinkedIn, 
Yoshito Hori                                                             05/18/2017
I have five sons ranging in age from 11 to 19. A few weeks ago, one of the older boys
     was angry at dinner because a teacher had scolded him when his younger brother arrived
     late for school. How unfair!
     In the family, we have a well-established tradition of discussing serious topics at dinner,
     so my son’s anger gave me a good reason to tell the boys about the importance of learning
     to control their emotions—a useful skill whatever your age.

    The Leadership Skill Everybody Needs
    -- And 90% Of Managers Lack   |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                                  07/08/2017        There are good reasons it's easy to find lousy managers in virtually every industry and
It is no surprise that nearly every working person has one Bad Boss story ready to
     share, if not a collection of them. 
New managers typically receive little to no training in
     "people management," although it is the crux of their job. 
HR people describe how their
     training budgets are slashed further every year, and "soft skills" training is the first item to
     go when budgets get tight. 
It's not only managers who are thrown into the deep end of the
     pool in a new job and expected to swim. Senior leaders don't know how to lead any more
     than their subordinate managers do. 
Most of us struggle with higher-level communication
     skills like conflict resolution, negotiation, argumentation and persuasive communication.
     If it were up to me, every kid would learn and practice these skills starting in kindergarten.

     According to a recent Gallup World Poll, a lot of people around the globe hate their job
     --and specifically their boss. In fact, the survey found that only 15 percent of the one
     billion full-time employees worldwide are engaged. In the U.S., roughly 30 percent are
    engaged, but that still leaves 70 percent of Americans unhappy campers when Monday
    morning rolls around.
    As a management and marketing consultant, I always find myself asking why when I read
    those kinds of startling stats. I've found one clear explanation--and some ideas about
    what to do about it--in Liz Wiseman's newly updated and revised book
Multipliers: How
    the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.
            "The most intelligent leaders, really smart, capable people, don't always
             engender intelligence in those around them," says Wiseman.

     Why You Must Embrace Vulnerability  |  LinkedIn, Patrick Leddin, Ph.D.                                            05/15/2017
     Not long ago, I attended a presentation by Brené Brown. A University of Houston professor,
     Brown is known in academic circles for her grounded theory research in the areas of shame
     and vulnerability.
     For those who don’t run in those circles, her name is associated with her books including
     Daring Greatly and Rising Strong, and for her 2010 TED talk that has garnered nearly 25
     million views.