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030 Building Skills Up

   "People over 40 lack current job skills."
   so says the 32 year old Recruiter who just
   read it last night on Facebook.  Right!
   So how do you combat this questionable
   argument? Get some classes relevant to
   your line of work or other key areas.
   "I want you to know that also I will not
    make age an issue of this campaign. I
    am not going to exploit, for political
    purposes, my opponent's youth and

   This is becoming a "class war" between groups and there is no reason for it, really!
   For those with a good memory, the above quote was from October 24, 1981 during
   the debate with a former movie actor and a Vice-President of the United States,
   Walter Mondale. Unfortunately for Vice-President Mondale, his political opponent was
   Ronald Reagan who, in the end, despite his age, was elected to be the 40th President
   of the United States by a wide majority at the age of 70. 


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