Updated 08/03/2017
  1. a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior.
    "she took a tough attitude toward other people's indulgences"
    opinion, ideas, convictions, feelings, thinking
    "you seem ambivalent in your attitude"

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  So much can and should be said about attitude.

  You will be meeting many people over the next
  months. Some may not be able to help you and
  understandably you may become frustrated. A
  few of those you meet may offer some items of
  value to you, that if worked professionally and
  in a positive manner, could lead you into a job
  you never imagined possible. This is about hard
  work but it is also about determination, and of
  course, your attitude as you go through life.


  Why Your Attitude Is More Important Than Your IQ 
     |  LinkedIn, Dr. Travis Bradberry  08/01/2017
  When it comes to success, it's easy to think that people blessed with brains
  are inevitably going to leave the rest of us in the dust. But new research
  from Stanford University will change your mind (and your attitude).

  Psychologist Carol Dweck has spent her entire career studying attitude and
  performance, and her latest study shows that your attitude is a better
  predictor of your success than your IQ.

  Dweck found that people’s core attitudes fall into one of two categories:
  a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.