Career Killers

Updated 08/03/2017

Avoiding these seven career killers will help you craft a stellar reputation and keep your career on track.
  • Procrastinating. ...
  • Having a sense of entitlement. ...
  • Settling into your job description. ...
  • Avoiding office politics. ...
  • Not being a team player. ...
  • Not dressing the part. ...
  • Failing to network.

    5 Career Killers to Avoid  |  FOX Business, Donna Fuscaldo                                                                              10/23/2012
    Everybody knows that showing up on time, being a team player and working hard are
    keys to advancing a career to become an invaluable employee, but there are some
    not-so-obvious career killers that can work against you.
    In today’s feeble labor market, employees should steer clear of these five action that
    could detour your career track.

    6 Career Killers to Avoid at ALL COST  |, Sheiresa Ngo                                             06/27/2017
    Finding a good job that you like — and see yourself staying at for more than a year —
    is hard to come by. However, once you’ve secured the job, it’s important not to get too
    comfortable. If you’re not careful, you could sabotage your career with an employer.
    Here are six blunders that could cause your career to go up in flames.

    7 Career Killers  |  Kiplinger, By ERIN BURT, Contributing Editor                                                                               01/00/2014
    Lying on your résumé, stealing office supplies or failing to show up for work will surely
    dampen your career prospects. But young workers need to beware of less-obvious mistakes
    that can sabotage their careers. Your behavior, attitude and appearance will play important
    roles in finding success, not only in your first job, but also throughout your entire working

    7 Holiday Office Party Blinders  |  Kiplinger
    Holiday office parties can be lots of fun, but they're also legendary for their ability to
    derail careers and inspire workplace derision that can linger for months. 
Keep in mind
    that you can let loose and have a good time with your fellow colleagues, but not at the
    expense of your professional reputation.

    9 Things That Will Kill Your Career  |  Inc., Travis Bradberry
    Even good, hard-working people destroy their careers with these innocent mistakes.
    Make certain it doesn't happen to you. There are so many things that can kill the careers
    of good, hard-working people. Honest mistakes often carry hard-hitting consequences.
We usually only hear about the more egregious examples, such as when Yelp employee
    Talia Jane became an Internet sensation last month for writing a blistering post criticizing
    the company's low pay and its CEO. To no one's surprise, she quickly found herself out
    of a job.

    11 career killers you can avoid  |  Business Insider, Travis Bradberry                                                         10/02/2015
    There are some things you simply never want to say at work.
    There's no taking them back once they slip out, either. I'm not talking about shocking
    slips of the tongue, off-color jokes, or politically incorrect faux pas. These aren't the
    only ways to make yourself look bad.
    Often, it's the subtle remarks--the ones that paint us as incompetent and unconfident
    --that do the most damage.