Updated 08/09/2017
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    Presentation skills are important in business as
    more detailed information and concepts must be
    successfully communicated to others.  Whether
    you are in a room with one other our 2,000 others
    the ability to exchange information and address
    questions, objections or concerns is important to
    Without these skills, stuff gets bad real quick.

   How Important Is Body Language to Public Speaking?  |  LinkedIn, Norman Goldfarb             08/08/2017
   Public speakers communicate with their audience using a combination of words, verbal
   delivery, and body language. There is a widespread myth that the words, themselves,
   constitute only 7% of face-to-face spoken communication, with body language
   contributing 55% and vocal characteristics the other 38%. Nevertheless, body language
   is clearly important for effective public speaking.
   We found that the following formula explains 64% of a speaker’s Presentation score:
            Presentation Score =
            1.26 + 0.45 x Absence_of_Comfort_Gestures (p=0.002) + 0.62 x Standing (p<0.00

  This Public Speaking Habit Is Annoying Your Audience  |, Anett Grant     07/08/2017
  I was watching a private-equity exec speak, but it wasn’t easy—imagine following a
  ping-pong ball with your eyes as it bounced back and forth for three minutes straight.
  When he finally stopped, I asked him, “Why do you pace?”
“Pacing helps me control my anxiety,” he said. “And it really works! As long as I keep
   moving, I feel good.”

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