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     100 Rebuilding You
                                                   Career Transition can leave damage to you in many places.
                                                   To be successful you need to get back into shape, physically, mentally,
                                                   end emotionally. This entire section is intended to offer ideas on how
                                                   to get back to where you were or back better than you were before.
                                                   So much of this is what YOU decide to put into it.

         000 Energies

         101 Emotions

         102 SMART Goals

         103 Sell Your Product

         104 Attire

         105 Communications

         106 References

         107 Marketability

         108 Body

         110 They Like Me

         112 Confidence

         113 Attitude

         114 Gratitude

         115 Passion

         116 Success

         117 Avoid These

         120 TED
                                                          The TED Library of video links has been moved to this location
                                                           as these can help you "REBUILD" yourself but are also items you
                                                           may want to revisit later in your transition or afterwards because
                                                           of the value these can provide you ... FREE OF CHARGE.

          130 Job Gym

          150 Self Retooling

          150 The CT Groups U

          160 Our Soft Side