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Positive Energy

Updated 07/23/2017
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   6 Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Side Hustle On  |  Forbes/Leadership, Tom Ward       08/08/2017
   So why would I waste my weekend working when I could be out having fun? Because it’s
   important. While my peers are golfing, hanging out with friends, and watching TV: I’m
   writing, having coffee with thought leaders and interviewing interesting people.
   Unless you are one of the lucky ones who figured out how to make a career out of your
   passion, you should be working on your side hustle too.

   How to Spot An Irreplaceable Employee  |  Forbes, Ian Altman                                                            03/11/2017
   Employees and employers have a shared interest in discovering the attributes that define
   the all-time favorite employees. Employees want to be the most-favored, and employers
   seek to attract those individuals who seem irreplaceable.
   Michael Gottlieb is the founding partner of Momentum Law Group – a law firm that serves
   entrepreneurs. At a recent meeting of his monthly CEO round table, he asked the group,
   “What attributes would you use to describe your all-time favorite employees? ” The list
   of attributes is surprising. Even more surprising is that the group of 12 CEOs all agreed
   on the list.