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Updated 08/09/2017

   From getting a good night's sleep
   to "packin'" on the pounds at night. 

    7 Big on Health Bedtime Habits  |  activebeat.com, Catherine Roberts                                                       01/27/2017
    I bet you focus on all the things you do all day when it comes to healthy eating,
    heart-inducing exercise, and positive social interaction. However, what you do right
    before bedtime also affects your health in many ways. Here are seven health-focused
    habits to work into your nightly bedtime ritual..

    A Sleep Scientist reveals his
    7 Personal Secrets to Getting a Good Night's Sleep  |  Business Insider                                   07/30/2017
Sleep may seem like an arbitrary activity, but without it, we'd die. That doesn't mean it's
    easy to get an adequate and consistent amount of sleep every night, though. 
For expert
    tips on sleeping better, Business Insider turned to Patrick Fuller, an associate professor
    of neurology at Harvard Medical School who studies sleep.
Fuller gave us the lowdown on what he does to ensure a good night's rest.   

    12 Habits That Make You Look Old  |  Lifescript, Michele Bender                                                            07/19/2017
    Worshipping the sun wreaks havoc on skin. So does smoking. But what else are you
    doing to sabotage your looks? Check out these 12 bad habits that cause premature
It’s impossible to look young forever, but you can prevent time from marching
    across your face.  
Don’t let these 12 beauty blunders age you. Just a few easy fixes can
    keep your skin looking fresher and more youthful…

    Your Sleep Habits Could Be
    Why You're Packing on Pounds  |  Health.com, Amanda MacMillan                                                              07/31/2017
    People who don’t get the recommended amount of sleep each night are more likely to
    be overweight and have larger waistlines, according to a new study published in PLOS
    ONE. But what the study didn’t find was the real surprise: The results showed no
    relationship between poor sleep and a less healthy diet. In other words,
    skimping on shuteye may fuel weight gain, even if it’s not fueling a penchant for
    sugary or fatty foods.
    The study involved 1,615 adults in the United Kingdom who were surveyed about their
    sleep patterns and their normal diets. They also gave blood samples and had their weight,
    waist circumference, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and thyroid function
    measured. The researchers wanted to see if how long they slept per night would affect
    these common health measures.