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101 Emotions

Updated 07/14/2017


  Click on the image and see what is listed then think
  about all the others we adults have to deal with in a
  life filled with ups and downs and uncertainty.

  This emotions within this collection may never be a
  full or complete collection or contain all the details
  you may want for any emotion. Welcome to life.  It is
  someplace you can start to get information and work
  from there.

  When emotions start to overwhelm your life, go find
  someone to talk to as they may have traveled a path
  simular to yours and offer some suggestions to you.
  Professionals may be available if you feel the need.

   Prevent Burnout by Making Compassion a Habit
       |  Harvard Business Review, Annie McKee and Kandi Weins                                                                                                      05/11/2017
    “I am sick to death of the ridiculous situations I have to deal with at work. The pettiness,
    the politics, the stupidity — it’s out of control. This kind of thing stresses me out to the max.”

   5 ways to get your mojo back
   when work has sucked it dry  |  TheLadders.com, Cammie Dunaway                                                             07/13/2017
   At some point, most of us have experienced work that doesn’t work. According to Gallop,
   about 70% of us are disengaged at our jobs. Boredom, bad bosses, and overly competitive
   cultures can drain our motivation and frequently trigger a loss of confidence.
   As we try harder and harder to fit in, we often find ourselves becoming more frustrated and
   anxious. I have seen scores of talented, successful people become incapacitated with
   self-doubt as they question why they just can’t seem to make the impact they were hoping
   for.  R
ecognizing the situation and recovering from work misfit requires that you reconnect
   to a 
sense of your unique talents. Instead of mercilessly judging and criticizing yourself for
   various shortcomings, it is important to regain a sense of your innate worth.
Here are my top five best practices to regain your mojo.  

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