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Da Blues

Updates 12/26/2016

  ( Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD] )

   Beale Street: good blues to hear
  SAD: bad "blues" for anyone to have.

  The emotional blues are something
  that can take you down quickly and 
  hit during the winter season when
  sunlight hours are less and clouds
  are more prevalent.  Here are some
  articles on this topic.  Don't let the
  blues take you down as there are
  ways to deal with them and MAY not
  require a doctor or medication.

  If you feel these are not helping your situation take action to see professionals     Click on chart to enlarge 
  for help as "the blues" in a career transition is not good for you or loved ones.



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NO ONE said it would be easy being in a Job Search over the winter season.  Once December comes the e-mails are nearly all junk, phone calls are either automated solicitations, people who know YOUR Windows computer needs help or people from the IRS demanding money over the telephone.  It's cold and maybe nasty outside and you're gettin' the Winter Blues.

5 Days to Beat the Winter Blues
Symptoms include but are not limited to:
-  stressed out about buying gifts (not being able to buy gifts) for others
-  emotional "roller coaster" swings or "haze" periods
-  feeling melancholy, lack of energy, developing negative attitudes
-  an extraordinarily special person in your life is leaving for ever
-  sense that a change in your life is now permanent and is inescapable
-  others

ACTIVITIES that are quick and can be affordable solutions include:

1.  Take a Power Nap / mini-snooze
     People like Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Ronald
     Reagan were daytime snoozers yet produced great things.  These "snoozes"
     can enhanced performance and help you feel more balanced.  Where do you think
     the phrase "I'll sleep on that" came from.

2.  Snuggle with a Pet
     Wrapping your arms around a pet has proven to reduce stress, blood pressure,
              and depression.  This activity releases serotonin which is a mood stabilizer and no
              Doctor or Pharmacy is required to try this!

         3.  Help Someone Else
              One of the two areas it to spend money on another person which may not be a
              viable solution.  The other is to help them in other ways which may be viable.
              Do a simple act of kindness for someone whether it is helping someone cross the
              street, pointing out an open parking space to someone looking for one, helping
              someone rake leaves or fix something or just call your parents or older children.
              When you transition from ME into WE a lot of good gets spread around.

         4.  Try Something New
              This can seem very time consuming or expensive but it can be just the opposite.
              We all get wrapped in our problems and routines of the day especially with a career
              transition.  So break the pattern and shake things up a little while helping yourself.

              There are many short and free classes on-line from Universities around the world in
              English.  Sign up for a class covering sometime of personal interest OR find a class
              that can make YOU MORE VALUABLE in your job.  This demonstrates characteristics
              employers want to see, interest in improving themselves.  Selecting something that
              is also of value and interest to you to maintain your interest and learning level.

         5.  Play
              Adults work hard and think hard and play is for children ... those are the rules!
              NOT EVEN CLOSE!  Having a well-balanced life requires some escape time and play
              helps bring that balance with a sense of freedom and satisfaction.

              Do you have young children at home?  Pick up a stuff animal and conduct a silly
              interview with the stuff animal.  It drives you into becoming creative, being silly
              without risk of any criticisms, making others smile and laugh and helping you on
              many levels.  And if you are good at it, this may be a new avenue for you as a second
              but fun job!  Having a job you enjoy and can bring innovation to often becomes both
              the best job you'll ever have and the job you will be most recognized for!

FOOD TIPS that could be quick and affordable solutions include:

         1.  Make sure you eat every 3-4 hours, and that you include protein with all your
Many people decide to become a vegetarian without paying enough attention
              to protein.  If that is you, make sure you are eating beans, nuts or seeds with every

2.  Take Vitamin D every day.  This is the “sunshine” vitamin and very important to
     support your mood.  I recommend 2000 iu per day, minimum to maintain your
     levels through the winter.

3.  Eat plenty of good fats, especially the Omega 3 oil DHA found in fish, algae, and
     nuts (especially walnuts).
 Studies have found fish oil supplements can improve mild
     to moderate depression just as good as antidepressants.  I recommend a minimum
     of 500 mg DHA to support your mood.

4.  Don’t forget the B’s.  B12, Folate and B6 are all critical for your mood pathways.  In
     general, B vitamins are found in whole, unprocessed foods like meats, legumes,
     whole grains and vegetables. 

5.  If diet alone isn’t doing the trick, you can try taking 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan)
     at bed to boost serotonin.  Try 50-100 mg, and should notice a difference in how
     you feel in 2 weeks.

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If you feel and can not "kick" the depression often seen and experienced during winter or a career transition, talk to professionals.  The CT Groups may have some limited resources who may be available.
Time lost in getting back your energy and focus can never be recovered.