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    Depression is a medical matter that you
    talk to someone about to determine if
    you need help or just more positive things
    in your life and mind.

    The bottom line: few of us have the skills
    and training to diagnose or treat this
    medical condition. Ask those who know.

    At least one article offers the potential for
    new research to help.

    New research suggests  radically simple 
    way to approach your mind  |  ThriveGlobal.com, Drake Baer                                                                      03/14/2017      Everybody ruminates: It’s that familiar pattern of chewing over your thoughts and your
     feelings about them. For people with depression, it takes a turn toward the pathological:
     The spiral that comes from feeling bad about feeling bad (about feeling bad!) can be
     immobilizing. But a new therapeutic approach — called metacognitive therapy (MCT)
     — targets that process with Zen-like deftness, and it’s been shown to dramatically
     reduce clinical depression. It’s also useful to anyone who’s felt run over by an
     uncontrollable train of negative thoughts.