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Do the Impossible

Updated 01/12/2017

  There are fewer things more exciting than to be
  told something can't be done ... then you do it.

  The world belongs to those who believe, who see
  a dream then make it a reality.  Some call it not
  possible.  Others call it a journey to possibilities.
  Having a "Can do" reputation is always exciting.

  As a crazy professor once told me, "Humans are unique in our ability to achieve the
  impossible."  A very bold statement until you factor in creativity, imagination, focus
  and determination to achieve.  When brought into a focused effort, these often create
  an unstoppable path for achieving the presumed impossible.  This is not to say a path
  will be without bumps, obstacles, and doubters along the way.  That is always to be
  expected when seeking to achieve what has not been achieved before.  Never let the
  "naysayers" stop you on a quest to do the impossible; if you can dream it you can do it
  if you make the committment to see it through and want it bad enough.  The human
  brain is capable of great things and the human spirit, when ignited, is unstoppable.

  Andre Borschbert, CEO, Co-founder & Pilot at Solar Impluse, in his article 
  "8 Principles to make the Impossible Possible" published December 20, 2016, Andre
  discussed and outlined those Principles which are listed below along with the link to
  his LinkedIn article.  If you don't remember his name, he was the pilot of Solar
  Impulse 2 which circumnavigated the globe with no fuel, powered only by the energy
  of the sun.  Another act of having fun while doing what was deemed the impossible.

  1. Make sure your vision is crisp, easy to communicate and understandable.  It
    should be clear enough that you should never have to repeat it!

  2. Team up with somebody to complete your understanding of the world and your
    skills.  It's important that he/she be very different from you as it's what makes you
    dissimilar that will create value.  But it's also critical that you share a very solid
    common ground which will keep you together in difficult times

  3. Aim for a high performance team by combining empowerment and challenges.
    By challenging your team, your will enlarge their territory of knowledge, skills,
    and confidence.

  4. Coach in calm weather and lead in storms.

  5. Build opposite forces in your team to avoid complacency and missing your goals.

  6. Be sure you welcome the unexpected and the change.

  7. Look at obstacles like opportunities.  When faced with a problem, spend enough
    time to understand what this new situation will bring you.

  8. Prepare for the worst case scenario to free your mind from anxiety and negative