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Updated 04/06/2017

  There are many forms of love we experience in our life: for our parents, any brothers
  and/or sisters, other family members, those we are personally attracted to with great
  passion (expressed or painfully hidden), and for others during our lifetime journey.

   We are all looking for love!
   Is it possible to find our true love?   |  LinkedIn, Dr. Sayed Atalla                                                           08/13/2017
    We are all looking for love at any given moment, we may be far from it but we never stop
    hoping the next opportunity is just over on the horizon
    There is probably no topic which has captivated people throughout the centuries and
    from most every culture than the topic of love. We put a man on the moon, broke the speed
    of sound, and mapped the human genome, but love remains a complete mystery.

    Poets still wrestle with adequate words to describe it and the Science has not been able to
    explain it. Mathematics cannot predict it.
    It may have been more than two centuries ago, but Plato’s words have never sounded more true,
                            Every heart sings a song, incomplete.

    Your Co-Worker's Love  |  Brian de Haaff, CEO Aha!                                                                                            04/04/2017
     What? Love and business? Yep. It is a concept I explain in Lovability, my
    new book — it means building a product that customers love and a business
    where people can do meaningful work and be happy doing it. The word
    “lovability” sounds friendly, but achieving it is not easy. It requires honoring
    a deep responsibility to yourself and your co-workers.