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No Joy in Work

Updated 08/25/2017

      There can be no joy in living without joy in work.
                                                                               ~ Thomas Aquinas 

    We all pay emotional taxes. They're our fees for the privilege of living. Heartbreak,
    disappointment and stress are par for the course.
    But not all emotional taxes are created equal. Worrying about what the neighbors think
    of your car is a waste of energy. Worry about your child's progress in school is not.
    The former inspires nothing but negativity, and is avoidable. The latter inspires positive
    involvement in the life of a loved one, and demands your attention.
    The workplace is an ideal setting for both kinds of taxes. On the one hand, anxiety about
    completing a project on schedule can act as a spur to performance. On the other, anxiety
    about violating some bureaucratic no-no can hinder performance significantly.

    A leader is responsible for seeing that the energies of their team are directed toward the
    satisfying fulfillment of a unified vision. Getting rid of avoidable emotional taxes will make
    this task much easier. Let's take a look at four areas ripe for emotional tax cuts: