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   Many of us try to mask that we're under
   great stress from our job search, or from
   wondering of a job loss is looming in your
   future due to low earnings, a leveraged
   buyout, or regulatory changes or many
   other factors.

   Nearly all of these factors we cannot fix.
   But what we can do is examine them, take
   steps to mitigate them, and move forward
   with our life with a plan for a new job.

   A note: one of the best low costs ways to reduce stress is through daily exercise.
   If exercise doesn't do it for you, talk to a doctor about low-cost medication to help.
   Stress can bring on serious medical problems that you or your family do not need.

     Chances are, the very same attention to detail and laser focus that makes you
     a top-level achiever are going to be the very same personality traits that make 
     you extra sensitive to stressful situations. So while no one expects you to 
     magically transition into an executive with the demeanor of a master yoga 
     instructor, there are some easy ways you can learn to cope with stress without 
     ever missing a beat at work.

     5 Ways Smart People Beat Stress  |  LinkedIn, Dr. Travis Breadberry                                                         08/23/2017
     There are two kinds of people in this world: those who believe they can make things
     happen and those who believe things happen to them. 
The first group are convinced
     that the outcome of their lives and careers is more or less in their own hands, and they
     wouldn’t have it any other way.

     The second group take more of a Forrest Gump approach—they sit around and wait for
     the bus to take them somewhere. 
University of Florida psychologist Tim Judge and his
     colleagues have shown overwhelmingly that people who feel that they control the events
     in their lives (more than the events control them) and are confident in their abilities end
     up doing better on nearly every important measure of work performance.
     In Judge’s studies, these individuals—we’ll call them “the Empowered”—were found to
     do the following:

    7 Ways Stress Does Your Mind and Body Good  |  LinkedIn, Kelly McGonigal                              07/16/2014
    TED Articles - Psychologist Kelly McGonigal used to demonize stress, warning
    patients that stress can increase the risk of a wide variety of ailments. Then,
    new research changed her mind.

    7 Ways To Prevent Stress At Work And Regain Productivity
       |  Forbes, Brian Scudamore                                                                                                                                                     07/20/2017
    In today’s culture of busyness, people think it’s cool to brag about how little sleep
    they need to get by. They think burning the midnight oil is the only way to get
    ahead. But in reality, it’s only burning them out.
    I used to clock 16-hour days, 7 days a week, working my life away to grow
    1-800-GOT-JUNK?. It affected every aspect of my life: my marriage fell apart and
    ironically, the business was at a standstill. It wasn’t until I committed to focusing
    on myself that we finally started growing again.

    8 Habits That Make Millennials 
    Stressed, Anxious And Unproductive  |  Forbes, Caroline Beaton                                                         02/18/2016
    According to the American Psychological Association (APA), millennials experience
    more stress and are less able to manage it than any other generation. More than 
    half of us admit to having lain awake at night during the past month from stress.

    8 Research-Backed
    Strategies to Make Stress Work for You  |  LinkedIn, Sarah Greenberg                                                08/03/2017
    There’s a major difference between stress and overwhelm. Stress can motivate. It can
    help us muster up strength and energy to take on worthy challenges. It provides the
    activation we need to conquer a project or rock that talk. Contrary to popular myth,
    stress can indeed be good for you
    Overwhelm, on the other hand, can freeze us in our tracks. It can feel akin to having
    one foot firmly planted on the gas, and the other on the brake. Overwhelm is the enemy
    of flow, creativity, and productivity. It puts a strain on relationships and can get in the
    way of your capacity for effective leadership. 
                   Success usually encompasses stretching ourselves beyond our
                   current capacity, and navigating unfamiliar, challenging terrain.

    10 Ways to De-stress Your Mind and Body  |  Chopra Center, Melissa Eisler
    There’s good stress … and then there’s bad stress. Do you know the difference?
    And how are you dealing yours? It’s important to be aware of what stresses you
    out, so you can build a relationship with your biggest stressors and manage the
    way you react to them.

    15 Simple Ways To Lower Your Stress  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                   03/21/2017
    One of the biggest problems with the modern workplace is that almost everyone walks
    around in a constant state of stress. 
That's not good for you -- or for your employer, its
    customers and shareholders. 
It is the rare workplace where team members aren't racing
    from one task to the next, glancing at the clock as they race. 
It's fun and exhilarating to
    move fast and get things done at work, but if you never slow down you will burn out and
    make yourself sick.

    One of the biggest problems with the modern workplace is that almost everyone walks
    around in a constant state of stress. That's not good for you -- or for your employer, its
    customers and shareholders. 
It is the rare workplace where team members aren't racing
    from one task to the next, glancing at the clock as they race.

    Pressure Doesn't Have to Turn into Stress  |  Harvard Business Review, Nicholas Petrie                   03/16/2017
    When I was in my late twenties, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Doctors
    operated and told me to hope for the best. I returned to Japan, where I was
    working, and tried to forget about it. The tumors returned a year later, this time
    in my liver. After a long search, the surgeons found a new procedure to remove
    them, but I knew this was, again, perhaps only a temporary fix. I was a mess for
    the next six months. The hardest part of my illness was my constant anxiety 
    about it coming back.

    The Antidote to Stress is Structure  |  LinkedIn, Dr Travis Bradberry                                                      02/10/2016
    Stress has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it, but how
    you respond is only half the battle. The secret to winning the war against stress
    lies in what you do when you aren't working (and presumably aren't stressed).