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Unemployment (and Depression)

Updated 09/27/2016

Dealing with Unemployment and Depression

Unemployment can bring on depression for anyone.  The secret is for the job seeker to recognize this condition and seek help through through the many resources that are available.  If in doubt, find it out. Depression can be a very serious medical condition if not addressed by appropriate resources and impact the ability of the person to find work.

If you need help, contact your Moderator, or agencies for resources you can potentially obtain help from before it becomes too big.

Below are articles you can review.  Taking early action can make a significant difference to your health and the long term success of you and your family.  It is better to seek help and worry whether it was not needed later than to do diagnosed and treated.

The articles below cover stress or "the Blues" from a variety of potential sources.

Memphis needs all the good workers it can find and to keep them!  Don't put the "smile face on" just to hide problems you are having.  Some of the greatest problems we see in Career Transition is just knowing what to do, who you can talk to, how to rework some plans.
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Title & Web LinkSource
Title & Web LinkSource
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