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Unhappy at Work

Updated 04/07/2017

   What person enjoys being unhappy these days?
   Yes, there are some who need professional help
   but for the rest of us, we happiness should be in
   out lives somewhere including in your career.

   Being unhappy with "stuff" at work happens as
   stuff happens. But if your being unhappiness is
   prolonged, seek some feedback and if needed,
   consider resigning as a last resort to happiness.
   Sometimes it is not you but the job or company.

   If You're Unhappy, Quit Before You Get Fired  |  Linkedin, Lisa Earle McLeod                               04/06/2017
    Do people with a bad attitude get you down? Of course they do. Humans respond to each
    other’s feelings in conscious and unconscious ways. People respond to your attitude whether
    you express it with words or not.
    We recently fired our painters. Their painting was good enough; it was their attitude that put
    us over the edge. They bid the job knowing they would have to move furniture. They also
    looked at our aging banged up woodwork and knew it needed lots of patching. Yet they
    continually complained about it. Every day it got worse.