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Victim vs Warrior

Updated 08/14/2017

   "Be a warrior, not a victim":
    An ex-SEAL's guide to surviving life's setbacks  |  Fox News, Patrick Bisher                               08/11/2017
    At first, I didn’t think I heard the doctor correctly. What 9-year-old boy could possibly
    imagine getting such devastating news? It was the look on the doctor’s face and the
    way my mother was squeezing my hand that told me I’d heard him right.
    I looked down at my legs, hating how my own body had betrayed me. Wouldn’t let me
    play sports, run around, or play with my friends. And now, even walking was going to
    be denied to me.
    Fifteen years later I had the honor and privilege of serving my country as a Navy SEAL.

    I was badly injured as a SEAL in parachuting training exercise, but recovered from that
    as well.
              I got back up because I refused to stay down. I became who I am today,
              in spite of being told I would never walk again.