Business Cards

Updated 08/16/2017

   Business cards an expected component when meeting people in business.
   There is no maybe or kinda here. You need to get quality business cards
   that send your message to get you your next job.

    Got some examples for me?
    Remember, business cards can be two sided, but you will need to place
    a "hook" to get them to look at the back side. This look can be a simply curved
    arrow in the lower corner of the card front. This could be your Elevator Pitch
    plus some detail to retain their interest.

    Never "crowd" your business card, use critical information to draw them to you
    and how to contact you and find more about you (e.g., LinkedIn). Avoid using
    any website that contains other material or personal websites as they may be
    distracted from where you want their attention. Never allow others to post
    content to your websites without your approval and ability to see what the
    content is. Even as a joke, the posting of inappropriate photographs, audio, or
    other material could remove you from competition forever.