Find Hiring Manager

Updated 08/13/2017

  Hidden behind thick walls in places unknown to the public
  sits the manager for the job you want. Will they be happy
  you found them? That depends on how well you structured
  your Resume and make contact with the hiring manager.
  Don't worry about the photo, many may growl at first.

     How To Find Your Hiring Manager Using LinkedIn  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                   08/20/2014
     You can lob resumes and application forms into the Black Hole recruiting portals all day
     long, and it won't move your job search forward. If there's one thing job-seekers know,
     it's that trying to get a job through the talent-repelling Applicant Tracking Systems
     most organizations now employ is a total waste of time.
     Also see Human-Voiced Resume.