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105 Communications

Updated 07/14/2017
    Rule #1: Know your Strategy for your Communications
   Rule #2: Make it clear, precise and unambiguous, or else
   Rule #3: Don't beat around the bush in saying things
   Rule #4: Direct it to the right group
   Rule #5: "One size fits all" is a myth; tailor it to audience
   Rule #6: Run Spell Check on your masterpiece

     3 Basic Email Mistakes That Make You Look Really Unprofessional
          |  Forbes, The Muse 03/03/2016
     [1:37 Video plus Article]  Like most of you, I cannot remember a professional life (much
      less a personal one) where I didn’t correspond via email. For the most part, it’s an
      efficient and simple way of communicating and, when used correctly, it saves time,
      answers questions and makes connections. Suffice it to say, I don’t believe I could live
      without it.

     e-Mail Message Greeting Example   |  The Balance, Alison Doyle                                                        07/13/2017
      According to BusinessInsider.com, the average employee allocates about 25 percent of
      his day to slogging through hundreds of emails. While some people needs a brush up
      on basic email etiquette, others make mistakes simply because they're overwhelmed with
      the sheer volume of communications. 
      During your job search, you'll likely send many, many emails, including cover letters,
      thank you notes, and messages to job search-related connections.

     How to Set Up Your e-Mail Signature     |  The Balance, Alison Doyle                                               05/03/2017
When you are using email to job search or network, it's important to include a
      professional email signature with all of your contact information. This makes it easy for
      hiring managers and recruiters to get in touch with you.
      An email signature appears at the bottom of every email, and includes all of your
      important contact details. It includes much of the same information that you would
      include at the top of a typical business letter.
     [Side note: Set the standard for others as it can save considerable time - be a Leader]