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AARP Elevator

Updated 02/18/2017

   AARP has published a great video
   training tool for the very important
   yet often misunderstood networking
   tool ... the Elevator Speech.

   It is interactive: you select options
   and get feedback quickly so you can
   fail in private then learn what to do!

   NOTE:  There are no rules on using this exclusively in an elevator.
               Here are some good and bad examples of locations for this tool:

                Good Places                                         BAD Places 
                   a)  Elevators                                                 a)  Restrooms
                   b)  Conventions or Industry Meetings          .b)  Funerals
                   c)  Being introduced to new people              c)  Prisoner Intake/Booking
                   d)  Parties for quick introductions                d)  Federal Interrogations
                   e)  Religious, non-service activities             e)  Restricted Airport Areas
                   f)  Meeting people you lost touch with         .f)  Middle of active freeway 

                       Link to AARP's online Video Training  

  • The attention span today is 8 seconds so hard hitting facts are critical.
    This give you about 20 words to sell and capture your listeners.

  • Sell the VALUE you bring.  So what if you're a Programmer, a Dental Hygeinist, an Executive Chef.  What makes you special ... how to you bring value to an employer?  Managers need people who can help make them and their department successful.  TELL THEM.  Do it right and they will want to hear more from you.

  • How do people speak when they are promoting or griping or trying to fix a problem?  It is different from an ordinary conversation in their use of words.
    Knowing how your listener communicates these things gives you a method to beat reach them.

  • Practice your lines.  They need to sound natural not out of some mind numbing cheesy TV commercial.  You words need to flow, correctly pronounced and sound natural.  Practice this for multiple days in advance, and more times each day as you approach your day of delivery.

    Here are 5 perfect introduction templates provided by Rebecca Okamoto
    (see example below of her link does not work).

  • Here are 5 ways to introduce yourself in 20 words or less.
    [These are just templates.  Feel free to modify them to make them work for you.  I used my communication consulting introductions as examples.]

    • I help [target audience] to [statement of need or opportunity] through [differentiator]
      I help professional introduce, network and promote themselves in 20 words or less.

    • I help [target audience] to [statement of need] + [statement of benefit]
      I help job hunters tell irresistible personal brand stories that their listeners remember and respond to.

    • I connect [target audience] to [something they want] + [differentiator]
      I connect people to new opportunities using the perfect introduction in 20 words or less.

    • I [transform/translate/convert a problem] into [something aspirational]
      I make complicated ideas easy for anyone to understand and communicate.

    • I help [target audience] [fix their problem]
      I help people with something to say that struggle to say it.