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Elevator Speech

Updated 08/20/2017
  You step into an elevator and are asked what you do?
  Quickly and professionally 
you go into your Elevator
  Speech, a tool 
designed to last about 3 floor worth of
  an elevator ride to high key points.
  But don't stop there as this high impact Speech can be
  used in multiple settings 
and events to build your
  network. When done right, it is a powerful tool to use!

    2 Ways To Create A 1-Line Elevator Pitch  |  Forbes. The Muse                                                        07/03/2017
    When you’re talking about yourself, you’re introducing your brand to the world. If you
    say what everyone else does—only changing the fill-in-the-blanks — you’re forgettable.
    You have to amp up your individuality in order to be heard.
    Reflecting back, I guess my teacher deserves a lot of credit, because I recall this incident
    every time I introduce myself through a one-line pitch. I think: How can I tell my story
    quickly, but memorably? How can I stand out at this event? Or, more importantly, at this
    You may think it’s impossible to show how fiercely talented you are in so few words, but
    remember your goal isn’t to share your whole resume, it’s to get them thinking, Huh, tell
    me more. 
Here are two different ways you can zoom in on what you should say:

    7 Steps to an Elevator Pitch That Actually Works (With Examples)  |  Pangara.com                    06/06/2017
    A great elevator pitch doesn’t simply just happen; it has to be planned. It is essential that
    any company wishing to reach its goals — whether it’s securing investments or finding
    clients — pay attention to this simple, yet effective, tool.
    Whether you intend to deliver your great elevator pitch as a written presentation or in a
    speech, the rules remain the same. Keep it short, keep it on point and keep it interesting.
    Almost every time, a 30-40 second speech says more than a 3 minute ramble.