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Update 08/17/2017
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   LinkedIn is a web based software product that is available
   at no cost. It offers considerable power once you "learn
   the ropes" which change without notice. LinkedIn can be
   your primary "go to tool" for a career transition,
   networking or just learning new stuff. The #1 Secret of

    A good starting point:
    The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet  |  LeisureJobs.com
Take this as an outdated but good "quick start" guide to get visibility on LinkedIn and
    begin the process of building your network. LinkedIn is a continuously evolving tool
    which is both an asset and liability. Take each section seriously.

    The Photo is non-negotiable: this needs to be a professionally taken photograph of
    you today (not 12 years ago and 65 pounds lighter with darker hair and more of it).
    Head and shoulder shot, straight on or at an angle. You can make some changes as
    you enter it into LinkedIn (oval, round or rectangular, sizing and framing options).

    Pay attention to the URL as you can customize it, and you REALLY WANT TO DO THIS.
    Try to get a URL that aligns with your name as presented on your Resume and all
    other communications to provide consistency and name recognition. If it is not taken,
    it is your URL until you change it, you quit LinkedIn, LinkedIn quits you, or there is
    no more LinkedIn.  Also try to get an e-mail address with the same name presentation
    for exactly the same reason.  IF you have a long or complex name, try using just
    your last name provided it is distinctive or unique enough.  If so, and you can get it
    for your LinkedIn URL, this is a pot of gold.  Make your professional e-mail address
    the same.

    Now ... GET STARTED as this takes time and you MUST do a quality job to be successful.
    You can always go back and fix or enhance things but you need to become visible!