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LinkedIn 1

   ACCEPT IT:  LinkedIn is the "big dog" you need.        It is the Facebook for Professional Adults and it
   helps you make connections, find jobs posted
   there and get professional information on your
   industry and targeted prospective employers.
   And by the way ... you can use it for FREE in your job search and after.

   Basic Tips on Getting Started
       1.  Get you information together.
            If you don't know your name, your targeted or former job title, where you
            live, where you went to school and when (optional) and other really basic
            stuff ... you may be in trouble.

       2.  LinkedIn will allow you to import e-mail Contact information automatically
            Strongly suggest you do NOT do this and Microsoft allow this to be done later.
            Two compelling reasons why:
               1.  The offer comes too early in your building your profile. This can make
                    you look like someone who is not organized. Never want the world to see
                    you are disorganized or don't know who you are.
               2.  Once your Profile is built and populated with high-quality content, THEN
                    you want to add the gazillions of people you probably don't know but
                    would like them to be your next best buds as LinkedIn Connections.
                    This is LinkedIn: "best buds" suggests you're still in high school. 
             Next things to do:
               1.  Disable your announcements for changes you make.
                    You're still in a "construction" or "build out" phase. Don't announce to the
                    few connections you may have entered that you changed your hear of
                    graduation fifteen times today. Turn this feature back ON when all the
                    content has been entered and looking professionally sharp.
               2.  Create your Custom URL for your LinkedIn Profile
                       1.  It is free ... no extra or hidden charges.  Take advantage of it.
                       2.  If the URL you want is NOT taken, you can claim it if you get it first.
                            Hestitation can be expensive.  Need the details now?  No problem,
                            look at the next item.
                       3.  LinkedIn has an outstanding Help Center which is dramatically better
                            than in 2005 when you sorta fumbled your way into getting anything
                            achieved.  Make sure your Custom URL makes sense.  If you enter one
                            that is already taken, it will simply remove what you entered. Keep in
                            mind this is a Professional Organization so don't use "Bubba" unless it
                            is your legal name. Tie your URL as closely as possible back to your
                            name as it appears on documents including your Resumes and your
                            Business Card. Consistency in the presentation of your name will be
                            an asset to you in or out of a job search.  Always think Professional.
                       4.  If LinkedIn accepts your Custom URL ... you now "OWN IT" for as long
                            as you (a) don't change it, (b) keep a LinkedIn Profile active,
                            (c) LinkedIn doesn't get word you died and remove it (this process is
                            very slow and document heavy to get started), or finally, (d) LinkedIn
                            losses your Profile (and it has happened).
                            Let's way you are an old friend of mine: Alfred E. Newman
                            You create a LinkedIn Profile under that name and then want to make
                            your URL Customized.  Normally you would enter alfredenewman and
                            that's the way it stays. Here's a trick that makes you look more tech
                            savvy and your URL easier to remember:  Enter AlfredENewman
                            LinkedIn takes care of the upper-to-lower case changes so that big
                            problem is now gone. BUT people can see the capitalization and
                            read your URL easier and realize it is your name. Now it is something
                            can easily remember as well. Presenting your name consistently in all
                            documents in all places is a BIG ADVANTAGE while in a job search,
                            going to Professional Conferences, getting your name in the paper, 
                            and other good things.
               3.  Start building up your Education information. This is important as you
                    will have your Jr. College, College, University, Trade School or other's name
                    attached to your profile. This allows old friends to find you but more than
                    that: you can find them, where they work and try for an introduction to a
                    hiring manager regarding an opportunity they may have. I've seen this
                    done nicely. A person was going to Chicago for a convention and realized
                    she had a contact there where she wanted to work. A request was made to
                    meet them while they were up there. Bingo! Meeting was agreed to and
                    the person got the job.