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Updated 07/22/2017

   I didn't put that in     my LinkedIn Profile
    yet I ... and millions of other can see it!
   The stakes are higher than before
   thus the need to think your plan for
   LinkedIn through carefully before
   you make change in a real-time
   notification system alerting others
   of your 14 name changes today.    
   The good news is, LinkedIn's Learning Center is among the best in terms of layout,
    easy to follow content and helpful videos geared for adults. Use it, learn from it.

   Perhaps the most obvious mistake is the failure to post a professionally taken photo,
   head and shoulders view wearing professional attire with a business professional
   backdrop. Don't believe this? Ask LinkedIn. Don't believe LinkedIn, look at a long list
   of LinkedIn members. Then think: did my eyes and minds look at anyone who lacked
   a photograph? The answer, psychologists have told is, is absolute yes, you did.
   The photograph is distinctive and color filled drawing the attention of the eye to it. 

    After you’ve set up your LinkedIn account and properly completed your profile
    information, there are some things you should know in regards to maintaining it.
    The last thing you need is a mistake that could cost you job opportunities or your

    5 Mistakes That Are Killing Your LinkedIn Profile  |  WorkItDaily.com
    Did you know that 89% of recruiters report having hired someone through LinkedIn?
    Or that over 10,000,000 people found their current job through LinkedIn?
    If you’ve been satisfied with a “placeholder” LinkedIn profile up to this point, or feel
    like landing a job through the site isn’t a viable option, STOP.
    The hiring landscape has changed, permanently, and those who adapt will secure the
    best opportunities.