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Update 08/21/2017
  gerund or present participle: networking
  1. connect as or operate with a network.
    "the stock exchanges have proven to be resourceful in networking these deals"
    • link (machines, especially computers) to operate interactively.
      "networked workstations"
    • interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career.
      "the skills of networking, bargaining, and negotiation"

    10 Things NEVER Ever To Do At A Networking Event  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                             08/25/2017
    When the idea of purposeful business networking starting taking off about twenty-five
    years ago, there was a lot of misinformation spread around. Much of that bad networking
    advice is still shared today.
    We hear that networking is all about shaking hands with as many people as possible, and
    handing out business cards as rapidly as you can. I have been to networking events — maybe
    you have too — where people were encouraged to get rid of 50 business cards in an hour.
    If that's the setup, I'm gone. That isn't networking to me.

    Network Without Cringing (Really!)  |  PMI                                                                                              08/07/2017
    Sorry, introverts, but it’s time to make connections. Professional networking can reveal a
    new world of project management opportunities. In fact, nearly half of talent recruiters say
    quality hires were the result of referrals, according to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends
    2017 report.
    But swapping business cards at a crowded cocktail hour or engaging with other project
    managers on social media doesn’t have to give you pause — or paralysis. Having a strategic
    networking plan can cut the tension and open doors for even the most reserved project
    Wade into the networking waters with these tips from project management pros:

    It's Easier to Network Than You Think!  |  LinkedIn, Jeff Altman                                                         07/23/2017
    As most of us get older, we find it harder to get out of our comfort zone and do new
    things. We stop learning and growing. We stop developing ourselves and our soft skills
    like networking, preferring instead the comfort of complaining and blaming rather than
    the discomfort of trying something new.