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Online Presence

Updated 09/02/2017


   For those who sense this is a strange heading ... so is the world of Social Media.
   Where else can you meet so many in so little time that are your total opposites.

  With literally hundreds of Social Media websites you can participate in, how do you
  determine where to invest your time and energies towards to find a legitimate job?

  Here are some of the basics and thoughts about the major sites, as if today is a
  week-day, someone somewhere is creating the next new craze you must be in.

  If you don't know where to start, some suggestions are listed below. If you still do not
  feel comfortable with these ideas, there are literally dozens of Social Media sites you
  can explore. But the key is visibility, available tools, quality, and focus.

  More to come as information and time are available.

  Good Social Media sites have pushed beyond the bounds of the dull paper Resume.
  • Build your Resume in Social Media including accomplishments, awards,
    recognition from managers and/or customers, honors, letters of achievement,


  LINKEDIN                            LinkedIn.com
                                             LinkedIn launched May 5, 2002 (Cinco de Mayo) with
                                             internal joke of it being "Cinco de Linko Day". With a small
                                             following it, after a few years, became perhaps the largest
                                             professional "Social Media" resource on the web. The vast
                                             resources available to find Jobs, Contacts, Join Groups of
                                             interest for your professional or other interests, follow
                                             "Thought Leaders" on their writings and seek information
                                             about potential employers is all very powerful. LinkedIn is
                                             recognized as the dominate place Recruiters will look for
                                             candidates as it is a professionally positioned organization.

                                             LinkedIn has dropped some of the very powerful tools
                                             they once had without out comment.

                                             Their Help Center is perhaps one of the best on the

                                             LinkedIn can be joined for free but you will see regular
                                             reminders of the value in paying for your membership.
                                             There is some debate whether it is worth they monthly
                                             free for someone who is unemployed.

   FACEBOOK                         Facebook.com
                                             Seems it has become the site for everyone and anything.
                                             Should you elect to use Facebook, securing your content
                                             on your page is a MUST. Do not allow ANYONE to Post to
                                             your Page as it may create an image you do not want.
                                             Some employers have insisted on seeing Facebook Pages
                                             that have been locked and given the published history of
                                             Facebook, that is understandable as the company has an
                                             interest in protecting the Company and Brands. This is not
                                             advocating you do not use it, just use it in a professional
                                             manner only and you hold the keys to adding, deleting or
                                             changing anything. Insure all your pages and content are
                                             appropriate for all ages and all people.                         

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