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Updated 09/01/2017

    Social media and social networking are the rage right now, in business and in private
    life. We humans like to connect with each other, and we have just discovered a
    wonderful venue emerging for us to use. Naturally, as with anything social, job search
    is a large portion of what is happening.

    Social media has become a fast and cheap "background check" that is often done before
    inviting a job applicant in for an interview. Employers search social media to verify the
    facts on resumes, to check out knowledge and attitudes expressed publicly (careful!),
    and evaluate communications skills.

    How to Get Noticed by Your Dream Company  |  TheBalance, Alison Doyle                                  8/22/2017
    When employers are receiving countless cover letters and resumes each day, you may
    wonder just what you can do to stand out from the crowd. Of course, having a well-
    crafted cover letter and a flawless resume helps. But, hundreds of other candidates
    are submitting equally compelling material.

    So, how do you go above and beyond the norm to catch the attention of a company
    you'd like to work for? Eugenia Sawa, a staffing manager at Microsoft, has provided
    some insight into how candidates can really stand out.
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