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Be Worried If

   Let's face it ... College is closer to being "Animal House" these days.  The bad news?
   Employers are scared as to what you have done/will do that will hurt the company.

   Do a web search for someone you know and what comes up?
   If they are lucky, everything is honorable in a business perspective.
   If they are not, your prospective employer just had a sudden change of heart.

   Mix college and alcohol, drugs and/or nudity and you could a number of their
   graduates from being considered for any important job. Find any Booking Photos,
   nudity, abuse to any adult or child or any race or nationality and you are subject to
   immediate removal for consideration by that company. We any charges dropped?
   Do you want to believe that is going to get you off the hook?

   Cheating scandal in college? So much for personal integrity and ethical conduct.

   The Internet is the giant collector of objects (i.e., reports, photographs, videos,
   movies, sound clips, PDFs, PC files) and anything else you can stuff out there.  The
   lack of your name not be attached does not mean somewhere else someone did
   not attach it for you naming a name search more efficient for someone.