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Personal Website

Updated: 08/13/2017

    A personal website referenced in your Resume can leave a significant impact with a
   hiring manager. The ability to showcase your many strengths and talents can be
   showcased using audio and video content, photographs, samples of your creative
   work, testimonials to your energy and innovative talents.

   It can also be a money sucking time destroying effort if you do not have the time
   and energy do knock someone off their feet.

   You do have an advantage in that few will have the content or means to create such
   a website thus setting you apart from the hurd of candidates. The problem is often
   lack of quality content which often requires years of collection or recreation to score
   well during review.

   Avoid the trap to fill a website with content that does not bring value. What value is
   there view pictures of you at 3 years old? Of knowing where you were born or went
   to Elementary School? Avoid photographs that were cute or funny or have you standing
   beside a sports legend who died before you were born.

   A general guide to a personal website is to start now for use in the future. To build
   a professional personal website on short notice will not meet the mark needed to gain
   you the attention or interest you need.